Instructions for registration

  1. Fill out the Sign In form with your details. Fill Enrollment No. provided by University of Delhi only and your preference for Internship/Placement.

    Note: Applicant's who want to apply for placement need to pay Registration fee and applying for Internship is Free.

  2. Click on the register button to register.
  3. After successful registration you will be able to login to system.
  4. After Login click on profile section and fill your profile details.
  5. After filling the profile details. Pay registration fee.
  6. Take the print of your Application Form.
  7. After successful payment you can see job listing.
  8. Read the job details and click apply.

Sign In Form

Note : Please check the information before clicking 'Register' Button for any typo or spelling mistakes.
This information will be used throughout the application and no changes will be allowed.