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Application to Attestation of Degree

Guidelines/procedure for issue of Attestation of Degree

A student can apply for issue of Attestation Degree subject to the following conditions and Guidelines:

The University provides facility for attestation of certificates. The candidates can get his certificates attested by University. Application form for this is available on next page. University charges Rs. 500/- for each attestation.

All such students have to follow the following procedure for issue of Attestation of Degree:

1) Fill the online form available on the examination portal of DU web site for the said purpose.

2) Upload the soft copy of photograph and scanned signature.

3) Upload the soft copy of Degree

4) Deposit online the non-refundable fee of ₹ 500 /- per copy for the issue of Attestation of Degree at the payment Gateway:

5) After completion of online process including payment of prescribed fee, candidate will receive the acknowledgement receipt along with a Receipt number. The request of candidate for issue of Attestation of degree has been provisionally accepted subject to the verification in examination branch.

6) Take the printout of duly filled online application, acknowledgement receipt and all uploaded documents.

7) Attestation of degree will be issued in person to the candidate (or to his/her nominee, authorized in writing) from the respective examination branch after a period of Seven working days excluding Saturday/Sunday and other Gazetted holiday from the date of successful submission of application with payment of prescribed fee. Degree will be issued only after submission of hard copy of the online application, after candidate original signature, along with all uploaded documents and Acknowledgement Receipt.


i) Applicant shall be solely responsible for correctness of the information filled up and veracity of all uploaded documents.

ii) Issuance of Attestation of Degree shall be strictly based on the satisfactory compliance of the conditions prescribed. Mere submission of application and documents does not entitle issuance of same.